Tuesday, June 7, 2016

See you in a while!

Mrs. Eley will be on leave until September 2017, and will resume blog posting then.  Have a wonderful year!

In the meantime, she is so grateful for all the wonderful expressions of kindness from her students.

Click here to view a PDF of Mrs. Winkel's 3rd graders' "Thank You Mrs. Eley" artwork.

Here are a few of the 4th graders' "Things I Learned in the Library" reflections:

Friday, June 3, 2016

Our Favorite Things by Mrs. Abate's Second Grade class

During library enrichment time, Mrs. Abate's second graders (follow them on Twitter at @AbatesUpdates) completed a series of lessons titled "My Favorite Things."

With a partner, they were asked to draw on the iPad, erase the background of their pictures, and use the Digital Book Creator app to create a digital book that shares their favorite things.  All but 2 groups finished in time for Mrs. Eley to publish their work to the web.

Enjoy our final projects below! (Please note there is NO AUDIO.)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

People Who Inspire Us by 3rd Grade Students

After completing last week's character study unit, 3rd graders were invited this week to visit the website InspireMyKids.Com and choose any article from that site about an inspiring person or organization.

Each third grade student created a Google slide summarizing what they found out about their inspiring person.  Enjoy our projects below!



Sunday, May 15, 2016

Character Traits of Great Americans by 3rd grade

Over the past 5 weeks, our 3rd graders have been studying biographies of Famous Americans and five character traits displayed by some of these great Americans: fairness, responsibility, caring, sportsmanship and perseverance.

After listening to and discussing a read-aloud in library class of a biography or other book with a character demonstrating these traits, students responded with their thoughts in short video answers on the Voicethread below.

We also used the website InspireMyKids.com to view some examples of "ordinary people doing extraordinary things" and responded to the videos we saw on that website.

Click below to view our thoughts! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week 2016 - Thank you PTO!

The PTO (especially Mrs. Reilly) put together an amazing "Cinco de Mayo" themed teacher appreciation week last week.

Here are some of the highlights the teachers received:

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Selfie Snaps" digital books completed by Mrs. Abate's 2nd graders!

During 2nd grade enrichment time, Mrs. Abate's 2nd graders had a blast completing this "Selfie Snaps" lesson in pairs using our 10 mini iPads in the library.  Students used the camera and Book Creator app to create their own 5-page book with text and "selfies" that they took around the library.  After students completed their digital book, they used the Book Creator app to export a video of the book to the Camera Roll.  Mrs. Eley then uploaded their work to the Hillside Library YouTube channel.

Enjoy our 15 second videos below! (Please note - there is NO AUDIO.)

Check out more from Mrs. Abate's classroom by following @AbatesUpdates on Twitter.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

K and PreK students appreciate their teachers!

The week of May 2 is teacher appreciation week and the PTO is doing amazing things for the staff here at Hillside School!

Mrs. Eley helped the PTO by asking the students to say "thank you" sentences for the teachers in K and PreK. Enjoy our voicethread below!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Selfie Snaps and My Favorite Things iPad lessons with Mrs. Abate's class

Mrs. Abate's second graders are enjoying using the iPad minis in the library (new this year) to complete 2 digital writing lessons: Selfie Snaps and My  Favorite Things.

They also recently discovered the fun app Chatterpix after Mrs. Eley suggested it during a Teacher inservice.  Check out their recent Chatterpix tweet here

Stay tuned for more, including the final products, on this blog!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One School One Book 2016 wraps up with a wonderful assembly!

We had a wonderful assembly at 12 noon today to celebrate our students' completion of the One School One Book Charlotte's Web!  It was also Dr. Seuss Day today, so what a perfect day to celebrate reading!
Picture by 4th grader:
Mrs. Eley welcomes the students and announces
more trivia questions and games during the assembly:

The prize table:

Kindergarten game: "Pin the Tail on Wilbur":
1st Grade Game: Who can keep the balloon up the longest? 

2nd Grade Game: Dig with your pig nose to find the hidden red corn kernels:

3rd grade game: Transfer the "goose eggs" using a spoon in your mouth:
4th grade and parent/teacher game: "Junk in the Trunk": Bounce the ping pong balls
out of the tissue box attached to your back:

 Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Christy, Mrs. Herkloz, Mrs. Mazurek, Mrs. Mellin, and Mrs. Boyer were hilarious! Winner: Mrs. Boyer

Thank you PTO for popcorn (donated by Moorestown Regal Cinemas)
and lemonade to end our "Country Fair" themed book celebration!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Sandra Turner-Barnes visits Hillside School

2nd grade students and teachers were treated to a delightful and informative presentation by author Sandra Turner-Barnes this morning.  Ms. Turner-Barnes is the author of Beyond the Back of the Bus regarding Rosa Parks.  After reading the story to the students, "Miss Sandra" answered questions.  Her granddaughter is in one of our second grade classes, and she got a chance to help her "Mom mom" with the presentation.

Students were horrified to learn a little known fact: In the 1960s in the South, African-Americans would have to step onto a city bus to pay their 10 cent fare, then exit the bus and enter the bus through the rear door.  Sometimes, drivers would pull away, just to be mean, as the patron was trying to reach the rear door.

Thank you Ms. Turner-Barnes for your visit and for donating a signed copy of your book to the library!