Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th Grade Mini-Inquiry Projects

Earlier this year, I read the book "Inquiry Circles: Comprehension and Collaboration" by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels. It is an EXCELLENT book that details the concept of mini-inquiry to larger inquiry projects for K-8 students.

I decided to try a 'mini-inquiry' project with 4th graders. After getting them 'wondering' about the world and modeling my own inquiry process - What is a stinkbug and how do I get rid of it in NJ? - I set them off to work, supporting them along the way. I gave them a choice between finally creating a video or a mini-flip book or a mini-diorama. I used the awesome minibook template and diorama Powerpoint template from the authors of the 'Digital Goonies' blog, Jim Holland and Susan Anderson, tech integration specialists who I first saw at ISTE 2009.

Then they presented their work to the entire class using the IPEVO document camera acquired early in the year.
Great job 4th graders!

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