Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fourth Grade Farewell Video

Continuing a tradition I started last year, I asked 4th grade students to use the school FlipCams and record a "farewell" message to Hillside School and their teachers. This video will be shown at their end-of-year 4th grade assembly, where teachers and some parents gather. They were asked to say a short goodbye, using such sentence starters as "I will always remember when..." or "Thank you, _____ for...." or "In 4th grade I learned..." They could also just speak from their own heart.

The finished video will soon be available on the Mt. Laurel Family Portal (password protected), so check back around the end of the school year (June 21)!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lisa Funari Willever visits Hillside!

Award-winning author Lisa Funari Willever visited our school today and gave a FANTASTIC presentation to all students in the auditorium.

She talked about the process of creating a book and named 4 students "author," "illustrator," "editor" and "publisher." The "publisher" got to sit back in a chair (on vacation in Hawaii) while the "editor" did all the hard work of saying "No, go back and fix it" to both the author and illustrator. (See pictures below of the "Reclining" editor. :) )

She then talked about how her brother, nicknamed "HardHead," was a kid who just wouldn't listen - he loved to have the geese chase him around while he held bread in his hands, instead of throwing the bread to the geese. Her family had lots of funny memories, including car trips around Trenton, NJ, where she grew up, where "Everybody Moos at Cows" was not just the name of one of her picture books - it's something they did as kids!

She wrapped it all up with a slideshow about her family. Kids left the auditorium clamoring to read her books! The best kind of author visit there is! Thanks Mrs. Willever!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank you PTO and students for Teacher Appreciation Week!

The teachers at Hillside School were overwhelmed this week - in a good way! Each day, we arrived at school to find some sort of special treat presented by the PTO in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so blessed and grateful.

Here are the "treats" given to use each day:

Monday - Flowers on our doors with each petal containing a special "Thank you" from different students

Tuesday - a Flash Drive on our desk with a special note, along with muffins, pastries, bagels, m&ms in the teachers' room, and a served "afternoon coffee/biscott cart" for teachers

Wednesday - candles in the teacher's room to choose from, "Wear Your Teacher's Favorite Color" Day

Thursday - granola bar and water and a thank you note on our desks

Friday - Pay Day bar, "We are lucky to have you" message, lottery ticket, and a delicious CATERED LUNCHEON - yum!

PTO moms, thank you so much for all your hard work. We feel so loved and supported. A special thank you to Mrs. Weipz and Mrs. Braunstein, coordinators of the week.

4th grade "Mini-Inquiry" research projects 2011

Continuing the tradition started last year, 4th graders were asked to select a "mini-inquiry" topic of interest to them for a library research project.

In class, we went through each step of the research process, and at the end, students presented the facts they had found and organized into a six-page "mini book" in Powerpoint.

Here are some examples and photos of this year's presentations and products.

3rd Grade Readers Theater Videos Posted

If you are interested, the 3rd Grade "Read Across America Day" Readers' Theater videos are finally posted on our password-protected Mt. Laurel Family Portal!

Use your power school username and password to login to the site below.


Mrs. Christiance's First Grade Animal Reports

Mrs. Christiance and Ms. Geary's First Grade students completed animal reports in the library using PebbleGo as a resource. Here is their voicethread presentation! Enjoy and feel free to comment!