Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lisa Funari Willever visits Hillside!

Award-winning author Lisa Funari Willever visited our school today and gave a FANTASTIC presentation to all students in the auditorium.

She talked about the process of creating a book and named 4 students "author," "illustrator," "editor" and "publisher." The "publisher" got to sit back in a chair (on vacation in Hawaii) while the "editor" did all the hard work of saying "No, go back and fix it" to both the author and illustrator. (See pictures below of the "Reclining" editor. :) )

She then talked about how her brother, nicknamed "HardHead," was a kid who just wouldn't listen - he loved to have the geese chase him around while he held bread in his hands, instead of throwing the bread to the geese. Her family had lots of funny memories, including car trips around Trenton, NJ, where she grew up, where "Everybody Moos at Cows" was not just the name of one of her picture books - it's something they did as kids!

She wrapped it all up with a slideshow about her family. Kids left the auditorium clamoring to read her books! The best kind of author visit there is! Thanks Mrs. Willever!

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