Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to School 2012

Welcome back Hillside Students!

Our principal Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald welcomed back all of our Hillside friends on Thursday morning, September 6, 2012, in the All-Purpose Room.  (All students were present except our kindergartners, who began on Friday the 7th.)  We began our day with the introduction of all teachers and Pledge of Allegiance.

Our Constitutional Convention will take place on Friday, September 28, at 9:15 a.m. in the library.  2 student "delegates" from each classroom in grades 1-4 will bring their classroom rules to the library.  All the delegates will take a look at the rules posted around the library and will decide on which rules are the most important for the whole school, and will create a school "Constitution" that lists the 3-5 chosen rules.  The school-wide "ratification" of the Constitution will take place on Monday morning, October 1.  This follows the Responsive Classroom recommendation to empower students to take ownership and responsibility for the school environment.  (See related article here.)

Best wishes for a great school year, Hillside!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome back! 2012-2013 School Year

              Welcome back!  We are looking forward to another exciting year in the Hillside Library!   Mrs. Eley will be here for the entire month of September, but will be out on family leave from October through January.  We are so lucky to have Mrs. Colleen Zanger filling in as our interim librarian again from October through January!  Mrs. Eley will return from leave in February. 

Please note that the book fair this year will NOT be in December as usual.  The book fair will take place from March 18-22, 2013.

Here is some important library information.

Library FAQs
How many books can my student borrow? When are they due?
Students visit the library with their class once a week.  PreK-1 students borrow 2 books each week. Grades 2-4 borrow 3 books each week (or two books and one magazine).  All books are due on the next scheduled library day.

Can my child renew a book?
Yes, as long as no other student or teacher has requested the book.  He/she should place a sticky note with the letter “R” on the cover when returning the book. 

What if a book is lost, damaged or overdue?
Accidents do happen…but if a student loses or damages a library book, it must be paid for or replaced by the student.  There are no overdue fines.  Though students are instructed in proper book care, some wear and tear is inevitable. Please do not attempt to repair books at home – just send me a note!

What happens in library class besides book checkout?
I like to use the word “libratory” to describe our space – a mixture of “laboratory” and “library,” a place for discovery, inquiry, and extension of curriculum projects.  Libraries are not just places for storytimes, although read-alouds are often used to integrate with curricular topics and foster higher-level thinking skills!  Our 21st century students are “information literate” – able to determine where the best sources for information are in our info-saturated world, be it online databases, encyclopedias, or books.   

Can I volunteer in the library?
All “regular” library volunteer spots are filled for the current school year, but please email me at if you are interested in volunteering during our school book fair or for a “regular” spot in future years, and I will keep your name on a list. Thank you!

Check out this page for all library information – including a page designed just for Hillside students and their homework needs!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the librarian at (856) 235-1341 x. 7011 or (Colleen Zanger’s email will be

Susan Eley, Hillside Library Media Specialist