Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Grade "All About" Authors Meet in Library

Our first graders have been hard at work since February discussing features of nonfiction texts in Readers' and Writers' Workshops in their classrooms. Their teachers have taught them features such as bold print, labeled pictures, headings, tables of contents, glossaries, and indexes and how the features help you as a reader.

The culmination of this unit is each student's creation of an informational "All About" book on a topic of their choice.  Classroom teachers Mrs. Zimmerli, Clark, Abate, and Christiance modeled how to choose a topic that they knew enough about to write about.    Some of the student's "All About books" this year were:

  • All About Christmas in My Family
  • All About Kirby's Dream Land
  • All About Girl Scout Patches
  • All About Nintendo DS
  • All About Ice Cream
  • All About Football
  • All About School

Mrs. Eley created a Microsoft Word template for each student to modify to publish and type their "All About" books, and after 2 months (8 library periods), the finished products were finally printed and assembled!  The students were so excited to have the final products in their hands and they knew they were real authors.

Today, all first graders and teachers gathered in the library for a sharing time.  Students were partnered up or placed in small groups and read their books to each other.  We feel it was a great success and look forward to collaborating this way next year!

Here is Mrs. Eley's example book (created using MS Word - images / borders missing).

Congratulations first grade authors!

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