Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thank you to Christine Petrell Kallevig!

Our students were absolutely thrilled with our visiting author and origami artist Christine Petrell Kallevig's assembly on Thursday, October 24th.  Grades K-4 arrived in the All Purpose Room and could not hold back the "WOWs" and "OH MY GOSHs" as they saw her amazing creations on display on stage.

Ms. Kallevig told several stories including origami, and explained to the students that origami cranes are reported by Japanese legend to bring good luck.  She finished off her presentation by handing out paper squares to every audience member, and led everyone in a folding story that allowed everyone to leave with their very own origami paper cup!  The teachers especially appreciated her advice at the beginning - if you get lost or frustrated, just put your paper down.  No one will help you!  :)  This is especially apt to reinforce our school theme of "effort" this year.

Thank you Ms. Kallevig (and thank you PTO for funding her visit)!  We enjoyed your presentation and wish you well!

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