Monday, November 18, 2013

Online Safety, Online Ads, and Rings of Responsibility

In 3rd grade, we have been learning about online safety (what information is ok to share and what is not), website advertisements, and what are the responsibilities of a good "digital citizen."  Mrs. Eley adapted some wonderful lessons from

Our Promethean ActiVotes have been in constant use!   Students have been using them to decide on such questions as:

Which "ring of responsibility" does the following statement affect most?
I create strong passwords.
A) self
B) friends and family
C) larger community online

Which piece of information would an identity thief probably NOT be interested in?
A) your home address
B) your favorite movie
C) your mother's maiden name
D) your birthdate

The ActiVotes have been wonderful to engage every student.  I find the physical act of pressing a button FORCES them to engage their brain, and I learn how many students are "getting" it because the results are shown in a bar graph immediately after each question.  (Numbers are not assigned to students in my room, so the feedback is totally anonymous.  No one knows who voted for what.)

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