Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thank you Tara Lazar for an awesome Skype visit!

Our first and second grade students were treated to an awesome Skype visit with author Tara Lazar!  Tara answered her skype call with a crazy monster hat on her head - the bug eyes caused all the students to say, "WHOAAA!"

She then said that she hadn't had time to eat breakfast and asked one of our finalists to bring her an apple that she saw in the back of the library and hold it up to the webcam.  The apple magically "traveled" over the internet and she took a bite!  :)

After reading aloud her book The Monstore, she answered some wonderful questions from our students, including things like, "What can second grade writers do now to be better?"  (Her answer: PRACTICE.)   "How did you get the idea for the Monstore?" (Her answer: it started as a simple idea of smushing "Monster" and "Store" together, and then as she wrote the story, she "stacked" her ideas on top of each other.)

Thank you Tara, thank you so much for a delightful time!  Our students will remember this for a long time and we are so grateful.

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