Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Third Graders' "Little Bird Tales" Poetry Projects

The third grade teachers came to me looking for "something a little different" to use with their students as a creative end-of-the year project in writing.

I showed them, and how easy it was for teachers to set up a FREE account for themselves and their students!

Ms. Newhart usually has her 3rd graders create poetry projects at the end of every year, inviting parents for a "Poetry Celebration" with poems printed from Fablevision Stationery Studio, or handwritten. This year, Ms. Newhart's class used Little Bird Tales, Google Docs, and the screenshot feature of the Google Chromebooks to create their poetry presentations! Parents attended an in-school celebration and I think they came out wonderfully! Take a look by clicking on the links below!

Ms. Newhart’s Class Poetry Little Bird Tales

Aaron A.
Rohan B.
Christian B.
Nicolena C.
Stephen E.
Christian G.
Amelia G.
Jennifer L.
Ian R.
Kendrid R.
Rhea S.
Ashlyn S.
Chase S.
Brandon S.
Aayush T.
Campbell T.

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