Sunday, January 18, 2015

3rd graders create weather bookmarks

Our 3rd grade students just concluded a 6-week unit where they were asked to research an "Extreme Weather" of their choice: blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, or tsunamis.

Students then learned how to read and take notes about their topic (without plagiarizing) from 2 sources: and (email Mrs. Eley for passwords to these sites if you do not have them).  Mrs. Eley explained the difference between "borrowing a few words" and plagiarizing whole sentences and why that is not OK.

Students then wrote a brief paragraph summarizing what they learned and created 4 bookmarks using Google Presentations.  They learned how to insert an image from the web and cite the URL and modify text in Google Presentations.  Students got  A LOT more familiar with the Chromebooks, dragging and highlighting, and shortcuts like CTRL-C (copy) and CTRL-V (paste).  These are skills they will probably use the rest of their life.  

Mrs. Eley will print the bookmarks in color and allow them to share with friends.  Mrs. Eley will display copies of the bookmarks for library students at Hillside to take and use.   Projects will be graded and given to the classroom teachers.

Below are some of their finished bookmarks.  Enjoy!

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