Friday, February 20, 2015

4th graders respond to Teammates by Peter Golenbock

In library class, fourth graders learned about prejudice because February is African-American History Month.  We read the story of Teammates by Peter Golenbock, a true account of the day Pee Wee Reese, a white man on the Brooklyn Dodgers, put his arm around Jackie Robinson, the first African-American major league player.

Students were asked to respond to some questions about the story and recorded their responses in the below Voicethread.


 1: Explain the statement, “I want a man with the courage not to fight back.”
2: What did it mean when PeeWee Reese put his arm around Jackie Robinson in front of the crowd? What did PeeWee Reese risk?
 3: Describe what Branch Rickey was like.

 4: Pretend you are Jackie Robinson when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. How did you feel? What might have been some of your thoughts?

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