Thursday, March 26, 2015

2nd grade practices typing with Typing Agent

This year, special area teachers at Hillside School are teaching extra "enrichment" time in their subject area.  Each class gets 9 additional "enrichment" lessons in addition to their regular special time at Art, Library, Music, and PE.    I have been glad to have the extra time to try some new technology lessons with the students, covering some of the new NJ Technology Standards that were adopted in October 2014.

In 4th grade, we have been enjoying trying Course 2 of and as we write lines of code, we are learning vocabulary like algorithm, input, output, programming language, loop, coding, device.  What I most love about using to teach coding is the HABITS OF MIND (executive function) that it promotes.  "Try it, make a mistake, try again."  I do not have to stand at the front of the room spoon-feeding information and students move at their own pace.  Read more on that here.

In 3rd grade, we have enjoyed moving through the online course teaching digital citizenship, online safety, and copyright using

In 2nd grade, I borrowed an idea from Kevin Jarrett's K4 STEM LAB blog and had them login to a FREE trial of the paid online typing service  (This is a sister site of Typing Pal, which is what Kevin Jarrett uses with his students.)

Students enjoyed working through the lessons and activities, IMPROVED their keyboarding skills, and I as a teacher like having the ability to track and monitor their progress over time.  (The site records it all.)

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