Monday, April 20, 2015

Congratulations to our GAP students!

     Mrs. Colleen Zanger is our wonderful GAP (Gifted Achievement Program) teacher at both Hillside and Parkway Schools here in Mt. Laurel.  She is a former school library media specialist, Mt. Laurel resident, and parent of 2 boys (and former Hillside library volunteer!!).  Students in our GAP program visit Mrs. Zanger for a few hours per week to work on independent projects, critical thinking and more.  (See the full curriculum here.)  

    Mrs. Zanger had a large part in redesigning the GAP Curriculum during the summer of 2014.  Students in GAP chose a historical topic of interest to them and created a voicethread (using school purchased accounts) sharing their learning.

    In addition, tonight in the Hillside All Purpose Room was their final presentation and sharing night District GAP students stood around the perimeter of the room, next to a Chromebook open to their voicethread with headphones for easy listening.  Parents were invited to listen to voicethreads, as well as view the large posterboards the students had created with a written narrative sharing what they learned.

   Congratulations to Mrs. Zanger and all our GAP students for this achievement! Feel free to view and/or comment on the Hillside students' voicethreads using the links below.

“Telling Stories from History”
G.A.P. Night 2015

Third Grade VoiceThreads

Averie W.
The Boston Tea Party

Bria M.
The Great Depression

Ben L.
The Game of the Century

Cayden S.
The Great Wall of China

Fourth Grade VoiceThreads

Luke T.
The Cold War

Eric S.
Apollo Mission

Shirleen Z.
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Rhea S.
The Stock Market Crash of 1929

Arushi P.
Amelia Earhart’s Flights

Courtney C.
The Underground Railroad

Ian R.
The Chernobyl Disaster

Kyla L.
The Underground Railroad

Gerry M.
The Titanic

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