Saturday, April 18, 2015

First graders create collages in response to Lauren Child books

In library, first graders have been completing a Lauren Child author study.  The students LOVE her use of colorful collage.  We learned that collage is artwork created by gluing fabric, paper, photos, etc. onto a flat surface.

In class, we read her book I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato, in which 4-year-old Lola is a fussy eater and does not want to eat ANYTHING until her older brother Charlie pretends they are something else (Peas are "Green drops from Greenland," Mashed Potatoes are "Cloud Fluff from Mt. Fuji," and Carrot sticks are "Orange Twiglets from Jupiter.")

Students were asked to choose a food and "re-name" it as Charlie did, and create a collage based on their original idea.

Below are some of our student examples.

Thank you, Lauren Child, for creating such wonderful, inspiring, colorful books, that our students connect to, laugh over, and enjoy!

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