Friday, May 1, 2015

2nd grade genre study and 2nd grade poetry picnic

Each year in 2nd grade, we do a genre study during library class where we read and discuss different kinds of genres of books.  Each student has a hand in creating a large class poster that defines each genre that we will study.

For example, this is the story area all set up for a lesson about "realistic fiction" (with books on display for the students to checkout) and my read-aloud of Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl? by Louis Sachar.  I book talk good books in the genre for 2nd grade, we hear the book read aloud, and then we add a slip of paper to our poster that lists the title, characteristics, and we vote if we liked the book or not (2 thumbs up = great, 1 thumb up = ok, no thumbs up = terrible).

I wanted to try a new poetry lesson for our 2nd graders.   After reading this website, I borrowed the idea for a "poetry picnic" and modified it, and tried it with second graders this week.  They had a blast experiencing different kinds of poetry.


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