Friday, May 8, 2015

Kindergarten students love Chester by Melanie Watt

If you haven't read Chester by Melanie Watt, I highly suggest you check it out of our library or any other!

It is about a big cat named Chester who wants all books by author Melanie Watt to be about HIM and HIM only (he is a very self-centered cat).  He uses his red marker to draw all over and otherwise interrupt the story that Melanie Watt has planned.

When I read the story aloud, I differentiate between the author's voice (black print) and Chester's voice (red marker print) by changing my voice.  In fact, Mrs. Karen Smith, one of our Hillside staff, loves my read-aloud of Chester so much she requests a special invitation to attend each year!

Mrs. Smith, you are always welcome!

Reading Chester aloud to kindergarten is magical.  The laughter is contagious, and we always read both Chester and Chester's Back.  To conclude, this week I showed them Chester's Masterpiece and we created Chester masks so they can tell stories using their "Chester voice."

Here is a picture of some of our K students with their Chester masks:

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