Monday, September 7, 2015

Welcome back!

Below is the copy of a letter every Hillside family will receive this week when your child checks out his/her first books at the library. It will also include a paper with important passwords for our online resources. ~ Mrs. Eley


Dear Hillside Families,
Welcome back to a new school year!  I am so excited to meet the new students at our school and plan for our new “One School One Book” program!
Book Checkout Info
Your child has already received a new library bag and checked out their first library books.  A few things to remember:
  • Books are due on library day.  Books can be renewed on library day, too.
    Children visit the library once a week with their class.  
    Monday – 3 Schmidt, 2 Mellin, 1 Graeff
    Tuesday – 4 Morrone, 3 Winkel, 2 Waddell, 1 Zimmerli
    Wednesday – 4 Jones, 3 Golick, 2 Mazurek
    Thursday – 4 Sonnie, 3 Sterling, 2 Abate, 1 Christiance
    Friday – all K and PreK
  • Keep food and drink away from library books (especially juice in backpacks)
  • Damaged books should be returned to the librarian with a note for repair, not mended at home.
  • If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, payment for the book will be required.
  • Children are encouraged to choose their books independently.  They may not be what you’d choose for your child, but the idea is to let them use their new library skills to find their own way.  However, please email me at any time if your child is consistently picking “too hard” books and I am not seeing it.  We want to see your child grow as a reader and I will encourage him/her to select appropriate choices.  

Library Bags - PLEASE don’t throw them out!
Your child’s library bag prolongs the lives of our books by protecting them from spills and grime in backpacks.  They are very sturdy bags and will last all year, but I only have one per student.  If your child should lose or damage their bag, you can replace it with a 2-gallon Ziploc bag or any plastic shopping bag.  
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Save the password sheet on the back of this letter!
You and your child now have access to many wonderful online resources for research and fun reading, thanks to your school library!  My personal favorites are Britannica Online Kids and Bookflix paid for by the Mt. Laurel Library, and PebbleGo paid for by Hillside Library!
pebblego.jpg early reader research

Book Fair March 14 - 18, 2016
This year’s Scholastic “Feelin’ Groovy” Book Fair is March 14-18, 2016.  Family Night is Tuesday night, March 15, with PTO Bingo Night.  Proceeds from the fair directly support the library program (book purchases and programs like author visits).  Please email me if you are interested in volunteering during the fair or at Family Night.  I cannot run the fair without parent help!

One School One Book Program - NEW this year!
With the support of the PTO, I am very excited that our school will participate in the “One School One Book” program this year.  In January/February, students will be given clues all around the school that will hint at our chosen book title.  A kickoff assembly will announce the book title, and students will be sent home with a copy of this year’s book and a family letter explaining the program.
Students have a month to read through the book with family or using an online audio book created by Hillside teachers, and there will be a chance to win prizes and answer trivia at school.

Our culminating FAMILY EVENT will be during the school day on Wednesday, March 2, 2016!    
For those of you who are familiar with Lenape’s program, this is quite different. For more information about the program, visit   or see Countryside’s website from last year:


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