Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kindergarten Digital ABC Books

During library, Kindergarten students have been reading alphabet books such as Alphabet Under Construction, The Z Was Zapped, and If Rocks Could Sing: a Discovered Alphabet.  With Mrs. Eley, they have been talking about ABC order and how fiction books are on the library shelves in ABC order by the author's last name.

As their culminating project, they were asked to complete a digital photo “scavenger hunt” last week in library.   This corresponds with NJ Core Curriculum Technology Standard 8.1.

Students were given a card with an object that represents each letter of the alphabet. (For example, “Bb Blue” or “Tt teacher.”) They had to find that object in the library and take 2 digital photos of it using our 4 school Canon PowerShot cameras.

The point was not to have perfect pictures, but to have each student have an opportunity to take at least 2 shots with the camera.

This week each student chose which photo looked the best of the 2 that were taken (we discussed fuzzy/clear and brightness).  Each student typed one sentence of text and we assembled our digital ABC books! We hope you enjoy them!

Digital ABC books by each K class (in a Flipsnack digital book format) can be found below!

Mrs. Carr's AM class

Mrs. Pierce's AM class

Mrs. Pierce's PM class

Friday, November 20, 2015

Kindergarten Students are Thankful!

       During library class, kindergarten students read a book called “The Most Thankful Thing” by Lisa McCourt.  We then recorded our voices saying what we are most thankful for.  Our “Thankful Things” recording is below!   

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        Enjoy! Feel free to contact me with any questions.  ~ Mrs. Susan Eley