Friday, January 29, 2016

One School One Book Starts Today

Today, all students at Hillside School were informed of a brand new, JUST FOR FUN reading program at Hillside called One School One Book!

Started by the organization, One School One Book is a program that aims to connect families, students, and teachers by sharing the reading of one good book. 

"One School, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community. A chapter book is chosen, every family in the elementary school receives a copy, and every family reads that book at home over the course of a single month. Activities at school coordinate, promote and enrich the shared reading experience."

This year, our students are being asked to read one chapter per weeknight of the wonderful classic Charlotte's Web.  Students can read alone, with their families, or log on the Hillside One School One Book website at to listen to their favorite teachers read each chapter.

At 3 pm, students were treated to a "Kickoff Assembly" where 4th graders performed a silly skit (including some "pig slop" which was actually cornflakes and milk) and they saw a video describing the program.  Each family received one bag with a copy of the book, a letter, and a reading schedule bookmark that went home with their student today.

Click below to see the video!  Happy reading!!!


One School One Book 2016 from Mrs E on Vimeo.

Friday, January 8, 2016

World According to Humphrey responses by 2nd graders

2nd grade students heard the chapter book "World According to Humphrey" by B. Birney in library class this week.  They had a chance to respond to a question regarding the book and record their answers on

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