Monday, February 29, 2016

Sandra Turner-Barnes visits Hillside School

2nd grade students and teachers were treated to a delightful and informative presentation by author Sandra Turner-Barnes this morning.  Ms. Turner-Barnes is the author of Beyond the Back of the Bus regarding Rosa Parks.  After reading the story to the students, "Miss Sandra" answered questions.  Her granddaughter is in one of our second grade classes, and she got a chance to help her "Mom mom" with the presentation.

Students were horrified to learn a little known fact: In the 1960s in the South, African-Americans would have to step onto a city bus to pay their 10 cent fare, then exit the bus and enter the bus through the rear door.  Sometimes, drivers would pull away, just to be mean, as the patron was trying to reach the rear door.

Thank you Ms. Turner-Barnes for your visit and for donating a signed copy of your book to the library!


  1. Greetings, Hillside Elementary! Reminiscing about my 2016 visit to your lovely school, thank you for the opportunity!

    Sandra Turner-Barnes

    1. It was such a delight! We hope you and your family are well!